Saturday, May 25, 2013

Run Run Run

There have been new developments in my social circle as of late. The biggest event is the nearing wedding of one of my oldest friends. This same friend was once my running partner/trainer. A few years ago I stopped running. When I started running again a few months ago something didn't feel right. I was comfortable getting back into the sport, but my main motivator was missing. After moving out of the neighborhood, a few years back, I was elated to discover a couple of days ago that he had returned to his rightful place 5 minutes away.

This morning we went to the old stomping ground at the UMD College Park Campus. We hadn't done that run in almost 3 years. Running around campus is fairly easy. The end of our rout is the hilliest part and they aren't drastically steep. It's Memorial Day weekend, yet this morning at 7 am it was just shy of 55 degrees with a wind chill just around 50 give or take. The run was fairly comfortable. The campus was abandoned. I'm not sure it was because the students had left or because it's 7 am on Saturday morning on a college campus, who gets up that early there? Even with the cool temps, and the fact that I hadn't gone on a real street run in years, I handled myself pretty well. All said and done we did just over 3 miles in 40 minutes. 

Now I have to stay consistent and try to get on the road at least twice a week and build my endurance and speed. I have a race in September and proper training can be difference between finishing or ending early due to an injury. I thank my run brother for coming along for the ride the second time around. As with the first time, I suspect that I couldn't be able to see my full potential without the his support and wisdom. Below enjoy a few of my favorite running themed songs that I actually run to, because the right song can give the boost you need. So, lace up and push yourself to your own personal greatness.

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