Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help Me, Please?

I always tend to fail at random tasks. The reason why is I think I can handle it. No matter how big or small it is. The first thing people always ask is, 'why didn't you ask for help?' Help? What's that? There are only two people on earth that I can ask for for help and know that I will get it, and that is my mom and my dad. My father always manages to fix any problem. He has so many connections that by the end of the day everything is set. My mom never says no when I need a couple of bucks or I'm having a health crisis, she used to be a nurse, so I trust her quirky home remedies.

Lately I've been hearing, 'we need to help each other and learn to ask for help' Today I tried that, and guess what? No one was available. I'm not sure if it was disinterest or unwillingness. My good nature attributes it to everyone having to much of their own to do. So I don't push, I say thank you and get the job done on my own. If someone had taken the time to help me, I would've saved an hour or more that I could have used to complete other tasks. It's weird though because when someone asks me for help, I drop everything to do it. Sometimes they don't even ask, and just help or offer to help. Most people don't seem to like being offered help. They don't want to seem weak or helpless or maybe they don't want to feel like they owe you a favor.

Then there are situations where maybe you shouldn't even have to ask for help. Today I worked then went to the gym. After I got home, my wife had car trouble so I got up and went to see what the problem was. I stayed with the car to wait on my dad, and told her to go home with our daughter. When I got back home, my daughter made me a salad for dinner, which I didn't ask her for. I needed some clean clothes for work and the gym tomorrow so I asked my daughter to help me gather my clothes and take it down to the basement. She seemed to be in a giving mood, I figured she would help me out. It took her 20 minutes to empty the first hamper. I had to go upstairs to see what the hold up was on the second one. She had got it out of the closet but was laying in bed watching TV.

Afterward I went to the basement to wash a load. After a long day I still have to do more things so I can have something clean to wear before I got to bed. If it wasn't for my daughter's dinner, I would've had to cook my dinner too. At the end of the day I have to be everything for everyone. My motto is, 'I was born alone and I will die alone'

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