Monday, November 18, 2013

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

Recently a close friend of mine got his heart yanked out of his chest, thrown on the floor, and Mexican hat danced on. No matter what happened ,when you realize your on the outs, it never gets easy. Whether it's the 1st or 10th break up. For this particular friend every break up is a another reason not to trust women. This is dangerous. This guy is a great person. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Going forward he will be extra cautious, not opening his heart enough to get hurt again. He may focus on small insignificant things to justify not staying with a girl. He may be cold and try to strike first, before he can get dumped again. The problem with this is that he may find the one and sabotage it before it can reach fruition.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Weekend in El Salvador

In the Spanish language the letter I is pronounced EE  so Wi-Fi when read by a Spanish speaker should be pronounced Wee-Fee. Not long after arriving in our temporary abode I coined the term, mostly for my own amusement which quickly became the catch phase "I'm gonna go Wee-Fee" because it only worked at the restaurant. When traveling through the mountainous region of a Central American country with a group of Millennial city dwellers thoroughly dependent on their Iphones and tablets to communicate with the world, life seems to revolve around the constant search for Wee-Fee.

Friday, November 1, 2013

His and Hers

HE is ready for a change SHE wants to try something new HE brings home a treat SHE agrees to try something new HE is hoping for a strange reaction SHE doesn't know what to expect HE warms them up SHE he eats hers in 2 bites HE flips the channels SHE reads a book HE stops on the soft core SHE peeks and makes snark comments HE hopes that it will get her going SHE claims the treat isn't doing anything for her HE offers another SHE reads on HE is feeling really good SHE seems bored and unaffected HE wants her to be where he is SHE goes to bed HE is already there SHE wants to lay down HE wants to play SHE doesn't want to be bothered HE wants to stay high SHE kills his vibe HE is again left hanging SHE is completely unaffected HE feels his experiment backfired SHE sleeps HE sleeps SHE awakens angry HE is awakened by her gruff disposition SHE is unchanged HE hoped that this would mellow her demeanor SHE wonders why she is worn out HE wonders