Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas on Nicholson Street

This year I really wasn't looking forward to having a "Merry Christmas" Money is tight, couldn't do the things I wanted and our daughter is away. She went to Nicaragua for the holidays with my parents. That just left me and my wife. I already knew she wasn't going to be any fun. She was already depressed with our daughter being away. She doesn't like it when we're broke. She doesn't admit it, but I think she blames me for the hard times. I try my best with what I have but it just seems to never be enough.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Secret Santa

Today God reminded my family and I that God still exists in the world. I always read about people randomly and anonymously paying people's bills or layaway around the holidays. I try to believe that they are great people and that the people that are on the receiving end are very deserving. I never ask, why not me? Unfortunately I don't have the fortune and disposable income to be a Secret Santa and help the less fortunate. Even though times are tough and I have to be creative when making my income last, I don't see us as less fortunate or poor, because I know that there are people who have way less then we do.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Burgundy and Gold

I never understood why most guys were so enamored with sports, a team or a player. I always said why bother rooting for a guy that makes hundreds of thousands to play a game while I bust my ass to make ends meet. I would watch a baseball game here and there with my dad. Whenever a big fight was on, I would watch it. I've been to a couple of NBA games when I scored free tickets. I never wore a jersey, bet on a game or cried about the outcome of a game or the well-being of a player.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

These Hands

These hands. Ashy and rough to the touch. Scars scattered everywhere. You have no idea what these hands are capable of. Where these hands have been and what these hands can do.

These hands can. Make a fist. Make an obscene gesture. Hold a knife. Shoot a gun. Throw up a gang sign. Throw up a peace sign. Construct things. Destroy things. Clap. Slap. Hold things. Throw things. Pull me up. Pull you down.

With these hands I. Feed my family. Console my daughter. Pay for things. Feed people. Cook. Hold my wife. Hold my head up. Pray to God. Wave hello. Wave good bye. Type these words.

I've used these hands to. Scratch records. Sell drugs. Fly a kite. Do graffiti. Change a tire. Swing a hammer. Pour a drink. Smoke. Drive a bus. Drive a truck. Make a pizza. Restore a bike. Plant a garden. Vote.

Without these hands, I am nothing.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Not So Funny Half Foreign Film Festival

My wife recently put me on to something that I didn't realize existed. When I was younger I would borrow movies from the library but they would cost a dollar. Since blockbuster went out of business, we didn't rent much. She found out she could borrow DVDs from the library completely free of charge. Last week we borrowed Life is Beautiful with Roberto Benigni, Bullitt with Steve McQueen and Saving Private Ryan starring Tom Hanks. We've been on this WWII kick lately. I always seem to gravitate to foreign films, because most Hollywood films annoy me. I was never one to buy into the blockbuster film hype.