Monday, October 29, 2012

How is a woman like a hurricane?

This one's going down in the history books, or so they say. Hurricane Sandy or "Frankenstorm" as they attempted to nickname it will be making landfall sometime tonight. It will bring wind, rain, flooding, snow and even death to the Eastern seaboard. So far Sandy ravaged the Caribbean leaving millions of dollars worth of damage and a hefty body count. What will it do here?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bed Time Slam

No time to wait for life to reach me. To find me in a dark corner of my happy state of confusion. My tongue burns with excitement. This time it will be me who is late to the party. No one will ever know what could have been just imagine me. Time for bed. Restless I lie awake and tell myself I am dead tired of this life. When will it all end and start a new. Clean slate erased with a damp rag. I'm here again waiting for my second time around. Who knows what any of these means. Translation please. I randomly tap on keys but no music do I make. Melodies sound like sobbing crying begging for a reason. Because I can and I will impose mine on me and do what I say. Never leave me alone with my thoughts again, because solitary is the wandering imagination of a singular being. Say good night to the bad guy who is good at heart but beats to the funky drummer that is reality. Alternative or otherwise. Until we meet again cruel fate like deja vu. So uptown baby is where I will be waiting for the N train that can never come again but I wait. I hear tracks and see lights but silently I stand with my eyes closed waiting for nothing or no one.

Good night.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

While I Wait

Tonight is Hispanic Heritage Night at my daughter's school. They are going to have some sort of concert. I'm guessing it will involve badly rehearsed Mexican dance numbers performed by student's and their cousins. I really don't mind going but I find myself fighting to stay awake, and so is my wife (or so I  thought) I see her pass my office on her way to the bedroom. I figured she would be going to sleep. She knows I don't want to go, but is determined to stay awake and drag me to this event.