Friday, April 7, 2017

The Get Down Part II [A Review]

The second part of Netflix's The Get Down came out today. Last year I specifically got Netflix to watch the first part of the series. I was hooked. A show like this is made for a guy like me. Although I was born in 1979, I do remember listening to early Hip Hop and Disco records at home at an early age. I'm also a Hip Hop head, so seeing the graffiti, the breakdancing and Djing was also right up my alley.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

For: Granted From: Now On [A Pep Talk]

Never take what you have for granted. No matter how meager, insignificant, or ordinary it may seem. Just remember that there is always someone willing to do what it takes to get what you're taking for granted

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

[My Hip Hop Story + The Evolution of Hip Hop Review]

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about the birth of Hip Hop, titled The  Evolution of Hip Hop. From a cinematographic standpoint, I feel it was well produce and directed. They did a good job of covering the basics, they focused on the music more than anything. It included interviews with key figures, although some were completely excluded. It's perfect for a rap history novice, who may have never been exposed to the culture. If I were teaching a Rap History class to grade school children, I would have them watch this film. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


New Year, New Me. Bullshit! Why do people wait until the Earth orbits the sun to decide to stop all the dumb-ass shit they love to do? Lose weight, stop smoking, curse less. You name it, and there is a resolution for it. Why don't people make resolutions for things that actually matter. How about you stop being an asshole or sleeping around. People are so oblivious. Here's an idea, instead of coming up with a lame resolution, ask your friends and family what they think you can improve on. You'd be surprised on how shitty of a person you really are. Jokes aside, how about a resolution that has nothing to do with you. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Future of Black History Month

"If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today? The Hebrew keenly appreciated the value of tradition, as is attested by the Bible itself. In spite of worldwide persecution, therefore, he is a great factor in our civilization" 
- Carter G. Woodson

Saturday, February 6, 2016

What is the best year in Hip Hop? Part I

Ever since the beginning of time people have always argued about what is the best or who is the best of anything. The best car, athlete, rapper, you name it people have an opinion about it. I find that the answer usually depends on two major variables, the person's age, and the person's location.