Monday, March 30, 2015

Things To Know About Love

The more you give the more you get back. Love will make you do strange things. It won't let you sleep at night. It'll make you question your loyalties. It will make you lie. Nothing matters when you are in it. No one can save you when you are out of it. Love is not money, a house or a car. Love is not a cleverly patterned barrage of emoji. You can't buy it, pawn it or sell it. You can't find it in the paper or on a website. It's not what you see on the silver screen. Love stories can't be copied or pasted. Love can't be found, so stop looking for it. Stalking it like a ravenous wolverine. Love is a mother's kiss. It's when dad make his "special" breakfast. It's the first day of spring. Love is the feeling you got when you first realized you had a crush, the first time. How you felt when you saw them or heard their voice. Love is having no worries. It's listening to your favorite record. Love is dancing like no one is watching. Love is looking good, without even trying. Love is holding that special someone's hand. Missing them for no reason. It's picking up their scent on the bed sheets when they are gone. Love is being completely comfortable  with who you really are. Love if hearing your kid cry for the first time. Love is giving up your world for the safety and well-being of another human, no questions asked. It's losing your figure after child birth. Losing your hair after fatherhood. Love is watching them grow and helping them learn. It's seeing the beauty in your partner even after all the years and the pounds. Love is not wavering even after fights and arguments. Love is doing what it takes, no matter how long. Before you find love. You have know what love is. You have to find it in yourself. You have to love what you see in the mirror. You have love your body, your hair and your funny looking feet. You have make the resolve to be happy whether love arrives or not. You have love your family and your friends, and your community. You have take chances and give them too. Nothing just happens. Most importantly, once you find it, never stop. Never stopping loving yourself. Never stop loving your kids. Never stop loving period.