Friday, April 7, 2017

The Get Down Part II [A Review]

The second part of Netflix's The Get Down came out today. Last year I specifically got Netflix to watch the first part of the series. I was hooked. A show like this is made for a guy like me. Although I was born in 1979, I do remember listening to early Hip Hop and Disco records at home at an early age. I'm also a Hip Hop head, so seeing the graffiti, the breakdancing and Djing was also right up my alley.

I, like many, was patiently waiting for the return of The Get Down. It seemed to take a lot longer than expected. Then I found out it would be out on April 7th and then the trailer came out. It was visually refined compared to the first part. I was interested to see what would become of the main characters and if it would have a third part.

What I really liked in the first season was the music. Not just the classic breakbeats, Soul, and Funk records they used but all the original music that appeared on the soundtrack. This season did not disappoint. There were more ballads,  but quality songs. Aside from the music, I appreciated this season on a visual level. Not only do I feel like the costume and set design were improved, I also like the visual cues they used to easily identify each location.

The one thing I didn't like we're the cartoon transitions they implemented this season. They also tried to play it out more as a comic book. I like the mythical proportions they gave Grandmaster Flash and Kool Hetc in the first one,  but in this one they are cartoons that live the clouds.

As for the story line. I don't want to spoil it, but I will say this. It kind of went the way I expected to. There were some surprises. I will say this season was condensed compared to the last. I do hope that means that there will be a third season. Overall I give the second season a 8 out 10, only because of the cartoons and how short it was.

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