Tuesday, January 3, 2017


New Year, New Me. Bullshit! Why do people wait until the Earth orbits the sun to decide to stop all the dumb-ass shit they love to do? Lose weight, stop smoking, curse less. You name it, and there is a resolution for it. Why don't people make resolutions for things that actually matter. How about you stop being an asshole or sleeping around. People are so oblivious. Here's an idea, instead of coming up with a lame resolution, ask your friends and family what they think you can improve on. You'd be surprised on how shitty of a person you really are. Jokes aside, how about a resolution that has nothing to do with you. 

This year make it a goal to help others. You can volunteer your time. The person you know is struggling to make ends meet? Buy them some groceries. Become a mentor at your local high school. Cut that elderly person's yard in your neighborhood. Resolutions don't have to be about making your outward image of yourself appear better, Sometimes when you make the world around you better, it in turn makes you better. 

The last 12 month's on Earth have been interesting to say the least. It seems that the world is spiraling out of control. All of our musical heroes died. Hate is at all time high. Humanity significantly deteriorated. What the hell really happened? A lot of people died last year. Too many people died last year. Cops killed people. People killed cops. Terrorists killed people. Transphobes killed people. Homophobes killed people. Xenophobes killed people, Racists killed people. Cancer killed people. Poverty Killed people. Gynophobes killed people. Policy killed people. Religion killed people. Addiction killed people. The truth is that anger, hate, greed, ignorance, power, selfishness, entitlement or any combination of these killed all those people. There is nothing sadder than to witness the systematic genocide of humanity. I don't agree with your lifestyle, beliefs or gender so I must kill you because I'm afraid of you. I'm rich and powerful and you are poor so your life has no value. You have a terminal illness, I won't cure you, but keep you alive just long enough to make a small fortune off of your suffering. I have a gun and a badge so I can kill whoever I want.

When is anyone going to say enough is enough. For some reason we stand idly by waiting for the obliteration of our existence. Is it in our nature to believe that it's somebody else's problem? Do we assume that magically all conflict will cease and everyone will go back to loving each other? We watch it on the news and don't correlate it to our reality. It's entertainment. It's not happening to you so it's not happening. What about when it happens to you? What about when the war is in your backyard? Do you think the world will come to the rescue then? I mean, you did update your status about how sad or disgusted you were about what happened over there. Les't we forget the flag filter you wore on your profile picture for all of 2 weeks. Yet the world continued to burn. When it happens to you, then it will really matter. You will resent the rest of humanity for allowing it to happen.

We're already doomed. There is nothing we can do. There is actually a lot we can do. It starts at home. If you pay close attention, the majority of people who hate, learned to hate at home. They were indoctrinated by their parents and other family members. They may have never been mistreated by the people that they were raised to hate, but that is all they know. We have to teach future generations about compassion, altruism, acceptance and activism. The next step is looking at yourself. Do you have prejudices, whether learned or earned? Who says you can't make an attempt at looking at the world differently? Have you ever sat down and talked to someone you didn't see eye to eye with? Not in a heated argument, but a serious and objective discussion of ideas. You may discover you are not so different. That is why they call it ignorance, because some people really don't know that they are harming you or even why. I'm not saying that you will change everyone, but at least you can say you battled ignorance with understanding and not the further perpetuation of hate. It looks good in writing, but will it work? Only one way to find out.

So the new year has been here all of 3 days and evil things are still happening. People are still dying. Hatred is alive and well. So what do we do? We let the negative energy of the world envelope us and affect the other 362 days. By March social media will proclaim that 2017 is the worst year since 2016. Don't let another celebrity, that people paid no mind to until the news broke, die. Let me explain something to you, people die. Time continues. The world turns with or without you. It's OK to feel sorrow when someone you admire passes, but it's not OK to let it disrupt your tranquility and demeanor for the rest of the year. This year, it is important to focus on the positive. Everyone has problems, but you can't stop living because of them. Think of them as tests you have to surpass to move on the next level of your enlightenment. If you dwell on it you will never find a solution. Shit happens to everyone everyday, you are not special. Fix it and move on. Be grateful for what you have. Appreciate your life and the people that make it special. Surround yourself with people that will bring value to your life. People that can teach you something. People that want to see you succeed. People that will root for you to your face and behind your back. Lastly, make better decisions this year. Spend money wisely. Make investments not just purchases. Invest in your friends. Instead of buying something you want and don't need, donate the money to help others that wish they had half the stuff you have. Learn when to forgive and when to forget. Most of all have fun. You don't know when you've witnessed your last sunrise. Don't leave things for tomorrow, because you may not get that opportunity.

I wish you peace, prosperity and love in the ONE SEVEN.

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